Guest posting is rapidly making a name for itself in the era of technology, especially for the business brands. Guest posting is being tapped by the entrepreneurs to help their business thrive as it is a great way to get exposure to your content, grow your audience and it helps to build authority in your niche. Though, when it’s done incorrectly and without a strategy, it can be completely ineffective.
So, what measures can be taken to ensure guest posting gives you the desired results. Well, I’ve compiled eight common guest-posting mistakes to avoid in 2017:
Posting Sporadically:


Entrepreneurs are familiar with the term ‘concept of branding’. It is essential that you guest post on your targeted blogs at least more than once because you’ll gain more exposure. When people will start hearing your name, they will become familiar with your content. Therefore, guest posting multiple times will ensure better results.

No content strategy:


Content and SEO are not separate strategies. They’re tangled inextricably. It is never enough just to have a general plan in your head. It is important to have a strategy before writing a guest post specific for any blog. If your content is remarkable and satisfies the needs of the website then the SEO Company can easily work its magic to take it to on the top of the list.

Targeting Top Blogs:


Typically, bloggers target the top blogs in their niche while guest posting. This makes sense as top blogswill get them more exposure but not all top blogs guarantee your targeted audience.
Therefore, firstly, you need to do your research then you can get leverage by even targeting lesser known blogs but with your targeted audience.

Not linking back:


Several bloggers write tremendous guest posts on popular blogs but they fail to promote their own selves or their websites. Though it’s true that SEO shouldn’t be the main purpose of your guest blogging efforts, yet it is still vital to include a link back to your site. The readers will not be able to find you or read more of your content without a link.
Just to get inbound links:


Guest posting only in hopes that you’ll get links is being frowned upon and not accepted as it results in low-quality content which isn’t good for any business. Instead one should focus on using it as a way to make interesting content for the readers that willraise awareness of your business.

Writing low-quality posts:


You can contribute low-quality posts that don’t come anywhere near your regular writings, just for a way to get people to your own site. Well, if you do this, you’ll never be asked to write a guest post on that site or the blogger will never post it on the website.

Not standing out:


In order to convince the readers to click on your link, your content needs to stand out from the rest of the bloggers. Examine the rest of the posts carefully and figure out how you can make yours better.

Writing for yourself:


Keep in mind that your blog audience is the same as your guest blog. Though, it’s essential that you stay true to your style and voice. However, it is also important that you satisfy the needs of the audience you’re writing for.

When using guest posting as a strategy, it’s important to know the points mentioned above and avoiding them at all costs to write a remarkable guest post that will ensure the business’s success.

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